How Does It Work?

You can brighten someone’s day by sponsoring a Sunshine Box.  It’s easy. Make a donation of $50. Our volunteers will put together and ship a Sunshine Box for you.  You can send a Sunshine Box to someone you know or you can send a Sunshine Box to a child on our waiting list.

What We Do

Spreading Sunshine is a non-profit 501(c)3 mobilizing volunteers to encourage and support families facing childhood illness or disability.  We send sunshine boxes designed to brighten the day of children and families.  We also connect volunteers with easy ways to spread hope, love and joy to families in the hospital.

How Spreading Sunshine Began

Spreading Sunshine began with one family who faced their son David’s diagnosis of Down Syndrome at birth. David’s mom, Abigail, was touched by the kindness and compassion they were shown during the many weeks in the hospital.  She saw the needs of other families in the hospital who didn’t have support and wanted to do something about it. When David (nicknamed “Sunshine” by his sister) was a year old Abigail sent the very first “Sunshine Box” to a young girl who was having heart surgery. When others heard about what Abigail had done, they wanted to help. The idea went viral. In almost three years, over 2000 Sunshine Boxes have been sent to families. David and his family sparked a movement of care, compassion and kindness.